Riegel Financial expands into Cincinnati with Howard Kaplan as owner, team leader and Financial Advisor

By: Jo Lawrence | October 6, 2022


Cincinnati–Cincinnati Financial Advisor Howard Kaplan announced today that he will be joining with Dayton-based firm Riegel Financial as an owner, expanding the Dayton firm’s footprint into Cincinnati and providing Kaplan’s clients with additional services, support and experience.

The move came as a result of a two-year process from Kaplan, who researched, analyzed and interviewed firms

Kaplan had previously been an advisor with the KLK Wealth Management Group of Stifel. In an effort to provide his clients with the technology, support, control and services they were asking for, Kaplan began the process of selecting a firm that would provide a strong foundation of experience, as well as an eye on the future and creating a mix of diversified and experienced voices, as well as a strong succession plan for the future.

By aligning services with Riegel Financial, and thereby, Raymond James, Kaplan will be able to expand the amenities, capabilities and support offered to Cincinnati clients. The Cincinnati clients will have expanded access to more services and experience, including:

  • Additional team depth, strength and succession,
  • Better technology,
  • Ownership and control,
  • Tax planning and strategy, and
  • The support of having a world class firm within your fingertips and at your back.

“I am excited to expand my offerings to you and better serve my clients along the way,” Kaplan said. “As I have continuously looked for ways to better support my clients, this solution became the clearest path forward to build excitement and security for your future and investments moving forward. As owner, I am excited to bring a number of new and exciting changes that will help us all and better support the clients along the road to the future.”

By making this change, Kaplan said he is aligning with financially brilliant minds with decades of experience serving clients in ways very similar to the service and excitement his clients have come to expect from working with him.

“Change is good,” he said. “And this change, specifically, is one I have made intentionally, with an eye on growth and offering even better support for the clients.”

Riegel Financial also brings the benefit of a full-service financial services firm to the table, with a full staff of CPAs, providing accounting and tax planning services, as well as Certified Financial Planner professionals and an experienced staff of financial advisors. Through Riegel Financial’s alignment with Raymond James, Kaplan’s clients also will have access to world class technology, as well as its back-office support and compliance, ensuring Kaplan’s existing clients will continue with him, with the backing of strong and supportive hands.

Kaplan said the decision was easy when he met with Riegel Financial owner Paige Henry.

“I share many of the same values and principles with Paige Henry, and together, we are thrilled to be able to bring that same family-friendly, approachable and community-minded compassion to serve you in a way that gets you energized and excited about the future.,” Kaplan said.

Riegel Financial is celebrating its 50th year in business. With the news of the firm’s Cincinnati office, the firm will now have four advisors and four support staff.

“I am specifically excited about the experience and diversity of Riegel’s staff, which will provide me with the benefit of being able to tap into their viewpoints and offer my clients the advantage of their experience as well,” Kaplan said.

Henry, who has been very intentional about how she has expanded and grown Riegel Financial, said adding Kaplan as an owner was the right move for the firm’s growth into Cincinnati.

“It was amazing to me how well Howard and I aligned, with how we put our clients first in all of our decisions, our dedication to our communities, and our family-friendly atmosphere. We both strive to approachable, but also fearless and steadfast advocates and advisors for our clients, who we consider family.”

The firm’s new Cincinnati office opened today, Oct. 7, in Kenwood. For more information about Riegel Financial, visit RiegelFinancial.com

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