Your Confidence

Over the course of your life, you’ll be accumulating resources – from real estate and property to securities and liquid assets – that you’ll potentially wish to pass down to family and friends, or even donate to the worthy charities you’ve encountered along the way. Without a plan in place, the assets you’ve dedicated your life to accumulating can be distributed by your state – without regard for your wishes. Planning in advance ensures that your wealth passes to those you wish – granting confidence to you, and those you love.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is much more than simply drawing up a will – in fact, an estate plan often includes a will. Estate planning, more broadly, means establishing an integrated plan designed to safeguard your estate, future generations, and loved ones. It also means knowing assets will be properly managed, and a legacy preserved.

An effective estate plan should be comprehensive, so it’s important to consider your overall financial objectives and develop a plan with personalized assistance. These professionals, at a minimum, would consist of an estate planning attorney, and a financial advisor – and may also involve others such as a CPA, or an appraiser. Most importantly, don’t put off estate planning.

It is never too early to start a plan designed to preserve, protect, and transfer wealth to those you care about most.

A Comprehensive Plan For Your Estate

A lifetime of wealth generation shouldn’t be left up to the state to distribute, when the time comes, it should be decided long in advance – and carefully tended to.

There are important steps to take in developing a sound estate plan:

Commit and Complete

Commit to creating and completing all prescribed components of your estate plan.

Appoint Fiduciary

Appoint an appropriate fiduciary to oversee your plan.

Update and Communicate

In life, situations and circumstances change often. Keep your plan up to date, and communicate often.

Estimate How Much You will Need

Our financial calculators can help you plan for your future by estimating how much you will need to meet your goals